Joaquin Pozo-Dengra

Член редакционной коллегиир


Место работы:
Biorizon Biotech, Science and Technology Park of Almeria (PITA) (Almeria, Spain)
Должность: R&D Projects Director
Адрес: 15, C/Albert Einstein, Almeria 04131, Spain
Телефон:  + 34 950 340 617
Научные интересы
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Intensive Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Farming


Научный и профессиональный опыт
2015–present time – Socio Director, Clever Innovation Consulting
2010–present time – R&D Projects Director, Biorizon-Biotech, Science and Technology Park of Almeria (PITA)
2009–2015 – Responsible for analytical services and the Biotechnology Area, Centro Tecnol?gico Tecnova
2006–2007 – Guest Researcher, Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology (IBMCP)
2005–2009 – Predoctoral researcherFPI, University of Almeria
2003–2005 – Project researcher, University of Almeria

    Значимые публикации в зарубежных изданиях
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