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Название статьи Technology of Alcohol Oxidase Production From Yeast Candida Boidinii for Use in Functional Foods Intended for Withdrawal Syndrome Alleviation

Sukhikh S., Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, The Russian Federation, Kemerovo, stas-asp@mail.ru

Год 2014 Номер журнала 2 DOI 641:613.2:577.152.1
Аннотация The present article considers the increasing popularity of beverages containing ethyl alcohol and fermentation products with the population of Russia. Statistical data show that alcoholic beverages with ethanol concentration exceeding 40 vol. % account for the largest share of the market. The development of a procedure for the production of alcohol oxidase from the yeast Candida boidinii is reported; the enzyme is intended for use in the manufacturing of functional foods for withdrawal syndrome alleviation. A procedure for the disruption of cell walls of the yeast Candida boidinii in a planetary ball mill PM 400 and methods for the removal of ballast substances reducing the catalytic efficiency and the specific activity of the enzyme preparation are presented.
Ключевые слова Withdrawal syndrome, foods, beverages, alcohol oxidase, catalase, technology, purification
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Выходные данные статьи Sukhikh S. Technology of Alcohol Oxidase Production From Yeast Candida Boidinii for Use in Functional Foods Intended for Withdrawal Syndrome Alleviation / Sukhikh S. // Food and Raw Materials. - 2014. - no. 2. - P. 53-58
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