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Ivanets V.N. , Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology , bul’v. Stroitelei 47, Kemerovo, 650056 Russia

Borodulin D.M. , Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology , bul’v. Stroitelei 47, Kemerovo, 650056 Russia , Borodulin_dmitri@list.ru

Год 2013 Номер журнала 1 DOI 621.929.2/.9
Аннотация A method of modeling the continuous process of the mixing of bulk materials on the basis of cybernetic analysis with some elements of automatic control theory (ACT) [6, 9] has been considered. In this case, a mixing unit (MU) is represented in the form of a dynamic system, which is characterized by the known topology of the motion of material flows and subjected to various external disturbances. The two developed mathematical models allow us to determine the degree of the smoothening of input material flow fluctuations from volumetric dosers by the mixers incorporated into a MU. The obtained numerical values of smoothability indicate that it is reasonable to equip the studied mixers of new design with volumetric dosers. This allows us to meet the requirements to MUs from both the engineering and economical viewpoints.
Ключевые слова centrifugal mixer, time-and-frequency analysis, bulk materials, combined food products, modeling, cybernetic analysis
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Выходные данные статьи Ivanets V.N. DEVELOPMENT OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS OF CENTRIFUGAL MIXING UNITS OF NEW DESIGN FOR THE PRODUCTION OF DRY COMBINED FOOD PRODUCTS / Ivanets V.N., Borodulin D.M. // Food and Raw Materials. - 2013. - №1. - С. 54-65
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