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Khramtsov A. , North Caucasus Federal University , ul. Pushkina 1, Stavropol, 355009 Russia ,

Year 2015 Issue 1 DOI 10.12737/11168
Annotation A paradigm of scientific perspective on one of the main components of raw milk - lactose (milk sugar) in terms of emerging views about milk science - LACTOOMICS with the logistic term GLYCOOMICS as a separate section on lactose and its derivatives is stated. The role of lactose and its derivatives in the biocenosis of living cultures is shown. The contribution of Nobel Prize winners in the development of the issues related to lactose as the “life sugar” is estimated. Optimized molecular lactose anomer structures and calculations of electrostatic potential are presented. The possibility of lactose derivatives synthesis with the use of molecular-kinetic patterns and neural network simulation is proved. These provisions allow us to establish a system of scientific views on one of the main components of raw milk at the level of post-genomic representations.
Keywords Lactoomics, glycoomics, lactose (milk sugar), lactose derivatives, lactulose, molecular structures, neural network simulation
Artice information Received April 24, 2014
Accepted August 3, 2014
Available online June 30, 2015
Imprint article Khramtsov A. Glycoomics clusters of lactose and its derivatives in nanotechnology of living cultures. Food and Raw Materials, 2015, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 3-12
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