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Title of article Development and Introduction of New Dairy Technologies

Zakharova L., Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, The Russian Federation, Kemerovo,

Year 2014 Issue 2 DOI 637.14
Annotation Recently the Russian dairy industry has undergone large changes, predetermined by the increasing use of nondairy raw materials (vegetable fats and proteins, natural fruit and vegetable fillers, etc.). This is associated with the increased demand for new products that not only have traditional nutritive properties but also make up for the deficit of certain nutrients in the ration. Practically all types of dairy products can be combined with various vegetable components. This article attempts to solve the problem of creating healthy foods by considering natural ingredients and technological specifics of functional food production.
Keywords Scientific developments, functional food products, biologically active substances, milk, cheese products, nutritive and biological value, essential nutrients, dietary fibers, galacto-oligosaccharides, probiotics, dairy products
Artice information Received November 30, -0001
Accepted November 30, -0001
Available online November 30, -0001
Imprint article Zakharova L. Development and Introduction of New Dairy Technologies / Zakharova L. // Food and Raw Materials. - 2014. - no. 2. - P. 68-74
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